$100 USD Video Campaign Terms and Conditions

1. Campaign duration

The $100 USD Video Campaign begins on 08/04/2024 and has no end date. We reserve the right to end this campaign at any time.

2. Participation requirements

To be eligible for the bonus you must:

  • Be a GrabrFi customer with an opened account

  • Share a video up to 90 seconds long (as a continuous video or different clips) on one of the following topics:

    • Narrate a day in your remote work life.

    •  Share the story of how you got into remote work.

    •  Share your biggest challenges with remote work and what you've tried that works.

    •  Share how remote work changed your life

    •  Recommend tools you use everyday.

  • Share an original video created by you on the campaign page.

  • Fill out your details on the campaign page and use the same email you use on GrabrFi.

  • Agree to the terms and conditions

  • Consent to us sharing your video

3. Consent 

By accepting these terms and conditions, you grant GrabrFi the right to use your name, likeness, and submitted material at its sole discretion.

4. Bonus distribution

If you meet the participation requirements and GrabrFi decides to feature your video, we'll add the $100 USD reward to your GrabrFi balance within 30 business days.

5. Limitations

This Campaign offer cannot be combined with any other promotion and is limited to one submission per customer. If GrabrFi determines, in its sole discretion, that a customer is abusing the campaign rules, GrabrFi reserves the right to terminate the customer's participation and forfeit any pending reward.

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