How can I open a US account as a foreigner?

Are you looking to open an account in the US, but you're not a US resident?

It can be difficult to open an account with traditional banks in the US because it usually has to be done in person and may require documentation that you may not have if you don't live in the US.

With GrabrFi, you can open a full-featured US account online, without being a resident and traveling to the US.

Here are the requirements to open a GrabrFi account:

What are the main differences between GrabrFi and traditional banks?


Traditional US bank

Open your account online

Foreign nationals usually have to open accounts in-person

No need to be a resident or travel to the US

Might require US residency or travel to the US

Account opening for free

You may have to pay for opening an account

Open an account for free

Some US banks require an initial deposit

How can I open my US account online with GrabrFi?

You can open an account by using our:

You'll be asked to fill out some personal details and verify your identity with a picture of your ID and a selfie photo to comply with US regulations. Your information is processed securely by Stripe and only used for verification and compliance.

What is the difference between GrabrFi and a virtual wallet?

Unlike virtual wallets, GrabrFi is a full-featured personal account based in the US. You'll have access to banking features such as ACH transfers, wire transfers and international SWIFT transfers to send or receive money. 

You can also add your GrabrFi account to many platforms including US investment brokerages to top up or withdraw your earnings. Some platforms only let you link an account in the US to do this.

What about security?

Grabr, the company behind GrabrFi has been operating for 8+ years. We are a US company, under US laws and our technology and banking partners use industry standard security to keep your information safe. Your money is protected in a US bank, under US jurisdiction.

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