Now instant: buying dollars to top up your account

Exciting news! Now you can buy dollars with local currency to top up your GrabrFi account and receive a payment link instantly.

You'll be able to see the exchange rate before requesting a top-up and it's locked in after you click "Continue". The amount you pay includes all fees and taxes.

Our team will review and process your top-ups within 30 minutes of payment confirmation.

Instant top-ups in local currency are available:

  • In Argentina and Brazil

  • With top-ups under a certain amount

  • Depending on the payment method you choose (some methods can take up to 2 business days for the payment to be processed)


You can top up with Argentine pesos using Transferencia 3.0. Transferencia 3.0 can be used with any banking app that reads QR, including MercadoPago and MODO.

Top ups with Transferencia 3.0


You can use PIX to top up with reais and it's processed almost instantly.

Top-ups with PIX

We are working to increase the limits for instant top-ups, expand local currency top-ups to more countries and give you more ways to easily add money to your GrabrFi account.

As always, remember to keep your app up-to-date to enjoy all of our new features.

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