Non-USD card payment: see the amount in the original currency and the exchange rate

Date: August 9th, 2023

Made a non-USD payment? Now you can see the amount in original currency when you're viewing your list of transactions and when you're viewing a specific transaction. You'll also see the exchange rate that Mastercard applied.

For example, if you make a purchase in euros, in addition to the amount that was charged in US dollars, now you'll see the amount in euros (original currency) and the exchange rate that was applied.

Mastercard uses the mid-market exchange rate for most currency pairs. For purchases in Argentine pesos, Mastercard uses a rate that is approximately 7% below the MEP rate.

The exchange rate is finalized when the transaction is settled which can take up to 7 days depending on the merchant and service provider. Exchange rates can fluctuate between the time of payment and when it settles.
Original currency and amount of card transaction

This feature will be rolled out across all platforms within the coming days. To make sure you receive all our new updates and improvements, remember to keep your iOS or Android app up to date.

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