How to use Wise to affordably withdraw to local currency

We understand your feedback the fee for international wire transfers is high. The overall cost covers the fees charged by the sending, intermediary and receiving bank to securely move money around the world in different currencies. We only earn a small part of the overall transfer fee to cover our operating costs. Here's how you can use Wise to affordably withdraw to local currency.

Wise is an international money transfer service that uses the mid-market conversion rate for all currencies and charges a small fee (you'll see it before agreeing to make a transfer).

Difference between Wise and GrabrFi

With GrabrFi, you can get paid, save your money under US jurisdiction and transfer a portion of it back to your country when needed.

1. Open an account with Wise

If you don't have an account, you can open one for free here.

2. Open a USD account

Click on the 'Open' button in the 'Account' section. Select the account type 'Balance' and follow Wise's instructions. You'll need to deposit a small amount of money into the account. Don't worry, you'll be able to use it later.

3. Look up your Wise USD account details to send money from GrabrFi to Wise

On Wise, open the USD account page. Click the 'Receive' button, and then click 'Your USD account details' in the menu:

You will see the details on the 'Inside the US' tab in the following format:

You will only need the 'ACH and Wire routing number' and 'Account number.' This page will show you info about the transfer cost. Don't worry, transferring money from GrabrFi to Wise is completely free, on both sides.

4. Add your Wise USD account as a recipient on GrabrFi

Open GrabrFi and on the main screen, below your balance, click the 'Transfer' button:

Click '+ Add a recipient':

Click 'Yourself':

In the dropdown menu 'Select transfer type', select 'ACH (US only)', and add the ACH routing number from Wise. Click the 'Find bank' button:

If you see EVOLVE BANK TRUST, it's good to go! Click 'Continue.'

On this screen, leave the selection on 'Checking' and add the account number from Wise. Then click 'Add a recipient':

Done! Now you can send money to your Wise USD account.

5. Add Wise account details to GrabrFi

On the main screen of GrabrFi, click the 'Transfer' button below your balance:

Select the Wise USD account you added:

Enter the amount you want to transfer (under the details). Standard ACH takes 1-3 business days. You can select same-day ACH if you would like the transfer to be processed on the same day for $1 USD.

On the next screen, make sure all of the details are correct and enter a clear description of your transfer such as:

Transfering money to my other account on Wise

All looks good? Great! Click "Create transfer" and your ACH transfer will be processed and sent to your Wise account.

6. How to withdraw from Wise to local currency

Open the USD account page in Wise. Click the 'Send' button and then click 'Your USD account details' in the menu:

On the next step, enter the amount you'd like to transfer to local currency and review the fees. Click 'Continue' and follow Wise's instructions.

Done! The money typically arrives in your local bank account within a few hours.

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