How can I make a top-up / transfer money to my GrabrFi account?

You can add funds to your GrabrFi account by making a transfer from another bank account. To see the information you’ll need to get that started, follow these steps:

  • Log in to the application and click on ‘Home’

  • Click on ‘Add funds’ and select your preferred top up option

The available top-up options are:

  • Wire transfer (banks within the US only)

  • ACH transfer (banks within the US only)

Once you select your preferred option, you will see your bank information, timeframes, fees and instructions. Copy it, and go to your bank to start the transfer.

Some financial institutions may require you to select an account type (checking or savings) to make a transfer to your GrabrFi account. Please select "checking".

You can see here the costs associated with receiving bank transfers.

Note: when issuing a transfer to your GrabrFi or any other account, please make sure that the recipient’s name is 100% exactly as it appears on the account, otherwise the transfer may get cancelled.

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