How to withdraw money from your GrabrFi account: step by step guide for each method

Looking to withdraw money from GrabrFi? You have several options. Here are the steps for each method.

Withdraw cash from ATMs

In the US, you can withdraw US dollars. In other countries, you can withdraw in local currency, converted from US dollars at an exchange rate the ATM network sets.

1. Find the nearest ATM.

2. Insert your GrabrFi card into the ATM.

3. Follow the on-screen instructions, enter the withdrawal amount and complete the transaction.

The majority of ATMs accept GrabrFi cards. There is a $4.99 fee for each withdrawal. Some ATMs have their own fee and will display it before ending the transaction. If you do not agree to the fee, please cancel the transaction and try in a different one.

Note: third party platforms have their own processing timeframes and transfer fees. Our detailed guide for each platform will give you more info.


View our step by step guide to withdraw to local currency using Wise here.


View our step by step guide to withdraw to local currency using Remitly here.

Withdraw by sending a transfer to another account you own

Note: your name on the other account has to completely match your name on GrabrFi for the transfer to go through.

It’s easy to navigate your GrabrFi app to make a transfer in seconds to your clients, partners or loved ones. To do so, follow these steps:

  • Log in to the application and click on ‘Home’

  • Click on ‘Transfer’ and select the type of transfer you’d like to make, the options are:

ACH transfers (US only)

View our step by step guide

Domestic wire transfers (US only)

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How to withdraw by paying for group activities and getting paid back

Doing an activity with friends, family and other people such as going out to eat? You can offer to pay for the entire bill with your GrabrFi card and ask everyone to pay you back their share with cash or another method.

If you're paying in non-USD currency, an excellent mid-market conversion rate applies.

When the others pay you back, this money is in essence an amount you've withdrawn from your GrabrFi balance, with minimal fees and at a great conversion rate.

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