Why was my GrabrFi card declined?

If your card payment is declined, we'll let you know the reason in our app. Just go to your transactions and click on the payment to see why it didn't go through. 

However, sometimes we may not have the specific reason if it was declined by the merchant. In that case, it's best to reach out to the merchant directly for more information about why the payment was unsuccessful.

Here are some of the most common reasons why your card might be declined:

  1. Insufficient balance. Please note that we process all transactions in USD, so if your transaction is initiated in a different currency, you should take into consideration the foreign exchange fees (FX fees). The full amount of the declined/successful transaction in USD will be available in your transactions on our app.

  2. You've reached your spending limit. You can find detailed information about daily card spending limits here or in your Card Holder Agreement.

  3. You've used the wrong billing address. When entering your GrabrFi card details for online payments, be sure to enter the billing address that you have listed on your GrabrFi account. To check the address associated with your account, please check the details of your card. If you need to provide a ZIP code, please check our article on this topic.

  4. Technical problems. There might have been some connectivity issues between us and the merchant. If this happens, try deleting your card details from their website and making the payment again. If it does not help, please contact merchant support.

  5. It's a type of transaction we don’t support. Sometimes our card isn't compatible with the merchant's payment platform. You might need to pay with a different card if this happens.

  6. Transaction being blocked. Sometimes we’ll block a transaction for security reasons, mostly related to the transactions where the card is not presented. To avoid potential blockage, please ask the merchant to pre-authorize such transaction instead of a direct charge. Another option is to make payment with card presence like card payments with point of sale (POS) terminal and card chip (card PIN needs to be set up beforehand) or use a card added to Google/Apple Pay.

  7. You’re trying to spend in a country where your card won’t work. Unfortunately, you can’t use your debit card everywhere at the moment. Please check our list of countries where card usage is restricted.

  8. Your card is blocked. You can quickly unblock it from the app by tapping on Card and then Unblock. More info you can find here.

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