How to successfully verify your identity

To comply with US regulations, we have to verify your identity in order to open a US account. We partnered with Stripe to securely process your info. Here are some tips to successfully verify your identity.

Before you start

Government-issued ID:

  • Have it beside you

  • Make sure it's not expired or damaged

Selfie photo:

  • With your phone or tablet

  • If you're on a desktop, follow the instructions to take photos with your phone or tablet

How to successfully take your ID and selfie photo


  • Hold steady and let your camera focus

  • Lie your ID flat or hold it flat at the edges with your fingers (without covering any details)

  • Remove anything covering your face like sunglasses

  • Move anything that casts a shadow over your ID


  • Dark or overly bright conditions

  • Strong overhead lights casting shadows


Can't open the identity verification link

Restart your browser, clear its cache or try a different browser

Didn't receive the mobile upload link

If you didn't receive a text message, use the QR code option by selecting "Other options" and then "Barcode link".

Webcam access on your computer

Make sure to grant camera permission by clicking on the icon in the address bar. If you're having webcam issues, you can switch to your mobile device by selecting "Other options" and then "Switch to another device".

When photographing your ID

Make sure it's well-lit and its details are not covered by any fingers. Lay it on a flat, contrasting surface or hold it down with your fingers.

Still experiencing issues?

You can reach out to our support team anytime in-app or on the website, we're happy to help. You can securely upload any files or screenshots on the ticket form.

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